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5 Most Haunted Places in the UK

Ruthin Castle Wales





In 1163 the castle was in the possession of Lord Rhys, who ruled over Deheubarth at a time of stability and harmony, a time, moreover, of a renaissance of Welsh culture, music, poetry and law. After the death of this great ruler, conflict over the succession arose between his sons, and thereafter the important castle figures repeatedly in the turbulent years of dynastic struggles between the Welsh princes, and the wars between the Welsh and the English in the late 12th and early 13th centuries.

Ruthin Castle is located in the town, Denbighshire, north Wales. The town is fairly small. It is now a Best western hotel. Originally, the castle, a Welsh fortress, has the reputation of being haunted – yes, like most castles – by a woman known as “The Grey Lady” for being dressed from head to toe in grey. She was the wife of the second in command at the castle when it was a fortress and was inhabited by the armies of Edward I. She has been seen wandering outside the castle, as well as the chapel and the medieval banqueting hall, hey she’s just taking a stroll, being in the dark for so long, that’s not fun –


According to rumors and legends, The Grey Lady’s husband was having an affair with a local peasant lady – tttttt naughty, naughty - and then she decided to murder her love rival with an axe, ouch, that hurts! When it was discovered, she was sentenced to death and executed for her crime, she was buried in the area around the battlements, as no local priests would allow her to be buried on consecrated ground. Her grave is still be seen today by millions of visitors. From time to time she has been seen wandering outside the castle; hey it’s much more fun outside!


Another soul that has been seen haunting the castle is a Medieval knight in armor wearing only one gauntlet (glove). There is a strange glowing ball of light that has been seen at the castle by many visitors and locals. Known as orbs it is believed that these orbs are the souls of the dead. They are probably stuck between two worlds and cannot find their way any more, too bad.


So if you feel like taking a tour at Ruthin Castle, be prepared for a spooky and freaky night, I’m sure you’ll love it.


Article by alMost Haunted investigator, Anne Garrett, for Ghost Pictures




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