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Submitted Ghost Picture

Ghosts in the mountains - Ben Nevis


This spooky photograph was submitted by Miss Follie Takken from New York paranormal investigations bureau.

Follie is a keen mountaineer and likes get into the wilds with her boyfriend Jake whenever she can. When she is not doing that she goes mountaineering. In the spring of 1999 Follie was in Scotland, climbing Ben Nevis. As she descended, the last thing she was thinking of was ghosts or spirits or haunted mountains. No her thoughts were on the rich Scottish countryside, the beautiful rugged mountains and the wild haggis that would occasionally run past her.

From time to time follie would stop and take photographs of the fabulous scenery. It was not until she got back to New York and loaded the images onto her computer did she realise the importance of the photos she had taken. Three different pictures clearly show the luminescent shadowy pictures of two men. With some research Follie discovered that the two men had died on Ben Nevis in 1923 when a freak wind blew up their kilts causing them to be thrown to their death at the botton of the mountan




well done Miss Follie Takken











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