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From our collection of thousands of ghost photographs taken by the alMost haunted team or submitted by visitors to the website.

Spooky Ghost Baby Mother is unaware that baby is there

Spooky Ghost Baby Mother is unaware that baby is there

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Ghost Poems


This poem, written by the Marmarran compendiumsit Decipher Ziron,
details his experience when he was studying the Venlaken Enclave.
He commonly boasts that a lesser man would have perished or gone insane.
The poem also refers to various famous south Nybelmarian Locations,
such as the peninsula of Shar and to various Citystates of Zhun...

Past the jungles of the west,
Birds of red and yellow,
Over seas of scattered leaves,
Rivers calm and mellow,

Further than the states of Zhun,
Over Kimbar’s song,
Past the lively Hootar harbours,
"cross beaches gold and long,

Over Marmarra"s dark ancient city,
echoing from jet black stone,
leaving behind troubling witches,
their chilling screams and moans,

Into the enclave of pain and death,
it is a land of twisted power,
its armies marching in collosal terror,
A haunting presence every hour,

Venlaken is the place I speak about,
A land that lives fatality,
Shrouded in clouds of black magic,
A perverse and dark reality,

Go! Back to the shores of homely Zhun,
To the soothing Kimbar tunes,
Return to the calm and golden beaches,
the magnificance of desert dunes,

Hide back into your thick rainforests,
Stay in your lively palace,
For Venlaken, it is not beautiful,
There is only pain and malice,

Go back to your familiar havens,
Your tranquil, safer lands,
For in Venlaken you must fulfill,
The Daedhirian souls" demands,

Do not return to Venlaken"s wastes,
The land of nightmares true,
Stay where the mystic terrors of the lost,
Will never again find you...



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