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From our collection of thousands of ghost photographs taken by the alMost haunted team or submitted by visitors to the website.

Ghost of a Child this apparition appeared on a newly pained wall

Ghost of a Child this aparition appeared on a newly pained wall

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Ghost Poems


She leaves not a trace, not a shadow you see
But when she comes by she looks always at me
Her fair eyes; like flowers with frostbite they be
So haunted, not sparkling, no trace left of glee.

Fair lady in white, wonít you tell me your name
Or tell me at least if we arenít the same
Did fate break your heart or did he find a dame
Who suited him more, tell me, who is to blame?

The fairness of her; it is worthy of song
But chilly! You shiver when she comes along
And like all her kind - itís not here they belong Ė
She saves on her speech and keeps guard on her tongue

Fair lady in white, oh please tell me your name
Or tell me at least; arenít we two the same?
Did fate break your heart or did he find a dame
With whom he took off, tell me, who is to blame?

I once met this girl who I admired most
And I had to have her, no matter the cost
But when I did tell her, to me she was lost
Her heart it was covered with layers of frost

A lady in white she was, without a name
An icy-cold heart she had, was I to blame?
Youíre dead with no lover and so is my dame
So tell me now, Lady, are you two the same?



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