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Welcome to al Most Haunted Ghost Hunters Society - the best place on the internet for ghost pictures and news of haunted places across the world. Our team of dynamic ghost hunters are always on the lookout for new sightings and interesting photographs. Enjoy our website and keep sending us your spooky photos!!


Stop Press : Latest Ghostly News

Most Popular Ghost Pictures:     Most Popular Pages :
Ghost of Elvis on the moon

Ghost Pictures taken at the moon landing that show the King.

Ghost picture of Elvis on the moon   Ghost of Elvis      Unbelievable, exclusive pictures of the King.
Elvis at the 2004 Olympics

The ghost of Elvis makes an appearance at the 2004 Olympic games.

Elvis at the 2004 Olympics ghost pictures

  Ghost in a Jar     Incredible eBay ghost auctions.
Green orb at Chillingham Castle

Ghost pictures from one of England's most haunted castles.

ghost pictures Green orb at Chillingham Castle   Chillingham Castle  From the alMost Haunted recent ghost hunt
Courtyard ghost at Chillingham Castle

More pictures of orbs and ghosts.

ghost pictures haunted catles chillingham England UK   Ghosts of Children Bizarre photographs of young ghosts
The ghost of Bachelor Grove Cemetery

Classic ghost picture from Bachelor Grove Cemetery.

ghost of Bachelor Grove Cemetery pictures   Ghosts of Animals  Amazing photos of animal spooks
Ghostly baby

Spooky baby ghost picture caught on camera.

weird ghost sightings baby haunted house photos   Spooky Sightings     Stranger than real death
The disco ghost

What a fright this young disco dancer got when she checked out her photographs!!!

cute ghost girl in ultra short mini skirt pictures   Haunted Graveyards  Creepy spooks in spooky places.
Haunted television.

Domestic appliances are very often haunted - here we see a TV with ghosts.

haunted houses pictures ghost in television spooky   Paranormal Webcams  The spookiest web cams on the internet
The hideous haunted tourists

Strange goings on when these tourists discover ghosts in their holiday snaps.

haunted tourists possessed women men pictures   Haunted Houses Could you live in one of these?
Ghosts of the haunted theatre.

Many theatres around the world are haunted - this is a classic picture of some cultured ghosts.

ghosts at haunted theatre pictures   Ghost Pictures of Marilyn Monroe
Bunny girl ghost photograph

Strange happenings in the graveyrd!!

playboy bunny girl pictures haunted girls graveyard   How to hunt ghosts advice from the alMost haunted team
ghost girl at Halloween party

Sexy girl or ghost? You decide!

ghost girl in sexy dress at Halloween party   Halloween Ghosts Spooky party ghosts
ghost angel

This soldier thinks he's chatting up a sexy young girl but is she really a ghost???

ghost angel pictures haunted houses army soldiers    





















































The history of al Most Haunted Ghost Hunters Society

In 1942 Ivan Noideea was walking through a spooky graveyard one chilly, November morning on his way back from a rather boozy party. As he weaved his way carefully between the gravestones Ivan suddenly noticed a strange sight in front of him. Some ten yards ahead a silvery mist seemed to be rising slowing from the ground. As Ivan nervously edge closer, the mist began to take on a strange form. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Squinting through weary bloodshot eyes Ivan thought  he was looking at the ghost of an eighteenth century soldier complete with musket, then it slowly occurred to him that this was in fact an alien being which had been beamed down from a spaceship. Searching the skies he realized there was no spaceship to be seen and it slowly dawned on Ivan that in fact he was going insane. Four years later, when he was released from Larkhall High Security Mental Asylum,  Ivan’s interest in the paranormal had grown stronger – heightened by long days and nights locked alone in padded cells. He began to visit seedy little back street book shops, buying any cheap books on ghosts and the paranormal that he could afford from what little money he could acquire from begging in the streets, telling peoples fortunes and, when times were really tough, from the occasional mugging of old ladies. Gradually his knowledge increased and his thirst to uncover the secrets of the afterlife grew unbearable. Soon all his time was spent hanging about eerie graveyards and haunted houses, pubs and castles. He befriended many a ghoulish ghost, devilish demon, zany zombie, wicked wraith, pompous poltergeist, spooky spirit. He even claimed to be on first name terms with several vampire. In 1953 Ivan became the founder member of the now world famous al Most Haunted Ghost Hunters Society.


al Most Haunted – Investigating the paranormal despite the obvious physical and psychological dangers.

 spooky ghost pictures

al Most Haunted – Bringing our gullible punters the very best ghost pictures from around the world.


The current activities of al Most Haunted Ghost Hunters Society

Since its humble beginnings the society has grown rapidly. Currently there are twenty four full time ghost hunters and hundreds of amateurs from around the world. The membership tally is over two thousand men and women from more than eighty different countries.

The societies activities are split into several main activities:

@ Investigating paranormal activities in houses, churches, graveyards and castles.

@ Taking pictures of ghosts in locations throughout the world.

@ Verifying the authenticity of ghost pictures.

@ Listening to the numerous ghost stories and determining whether there is a genuine paranormal explanation.

@ Carrying out exorcisms where the spirit of the dead person is trapped and unhappy in an earthly state.

@ Creating real spooky ghost pictures with simple cameras and a great deal of imagination.

@ Designing and developing new scientific equipment for ghost detection.

@ Exorcising and exercising ghosts.

@ Ensuring that fake ghost pictures are at least funny.

@ Drinking plenty of whisky (it is the best spirit after all).


al Most Haunted – bringing the world of the death back to life!


 Ivan Noideea's role in the al Most Haunted Ghost Hunters Society

Sadly, in 1992 our founder, Ivan died. Although this was a dreadful loss to the society it also also provided an amazing benefit. In his present ghost form, Ivan is our spiritual guide and provides a go-between allowing us make contact with ghosts. It is mainly through Ivan that we can find out details from the beyond and he is often instrumental in persuading ghosts to pose for the camera. Ivan, in fact, is still our most important ghost hunter extraordinaire.


al Most Haunted – spreading the word that ghosts have feeling too.

= = = = = = = =

Please note: no ghosts, spirits, orbs, phantoms, slightly dead people or hedgehogs were in any way harmed in the making of this website.

= = = = = = = =

Latest Submitted Picture

This picture of the ghost of Charlie Sheen was taken by Mike Ball in the woods near his house.

charlie sheen ghost pictures

Some of the ghost pictures you will find on this site ghost pictures online website  


alMost Haunted need you!!!!

Are you involved in paranormal research? Do you investigate ghost sightings? Do you undertake exorcisms on people possessed by demons? Are you a habitual drinker with a camera and an eye for a good ghost story? Why not join alMost Haunted and share your insanity with a gullible internet audience. We are always looking for people to write for the website or send real ghost photos for us to publish. Join today - for you might be a ghost tomorrow!

Have you taken a genuine ghost picture? Is so why not send it to al Most Haunted and we will publish the best ghost pictures on this highly reputable ghost hunters website. Send your ghost photos to smm4242(at)

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